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Dr. John P. Jasper

Dr. John P. Jasper founded in 1999 and is the Chief Scientific Officer of Molecular Isotope Technologies ℠ LLC (MIT LLC; ), a company that specializes in pharmaceutical product and process (“Nature’s Fingerprint®”) authentication via natural-abundance stable isotopes. 


By training, he is an analytical organic and stable isotope chemist who uses bulk and compound-specific approaches to determine the sources of natural and synthetic organic matter and their synthetic “fingerprints,” particularly in bio/pharmaceutical materials. 


With more than 30 publications in organic and isotope  geochemistry and in bio/pharmaceutical chemistry and 24 years in the pharmaceutical industry as an analytical organic and isotope chemist, Dr. Jasper has served as a Research Scientist at Pfizer-Cultor, as the Scientific Director at Drumbeat Dimensions (a pharmaceutical advisory firm), and as the CSO and founder at Nature’s Fingerprint® / MIT LLC. MIT LLC has protected more than $2 billion of bio/pharmaceutical drugs against intellectual property infringement and is expanding into this large market with its patented technologies.

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