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Process Analytics Associates (PAA) is a global multi-dimensional consulting firm with two objectives:  


We bridge the technology gap between developed countries and emerging nations aligning its capabilities with instrument manufacturers, research agencies and application solution providers to overcome complex analytical challenges that can change human lives in these countries; 


We identify and implement relevant process analytical technologies in manufacturing environment to save cost and enhance operational efficiencies.




Dr. David E. Ejeh, the Principal Consultant is an accomplished practical hands-on innovative and forward-thinking analytic technology leader with extensive experience in the USA, Europe and Africa.


He leads and coordinates an international team of seasoned scientists and engineers in modern analytical instrumentation, process technologies and their applications.

PAA is supported by an advisory board of professionals with an average of over 20 years worldwide experience and proven track records in domestic and global problem solving within the following industries: agriculture, food and animal feed processing, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, paper, specialty chemicals and academic institutions.

PAA GUIDING PRINCIPLES: Safety, Customer Centered Results, Integrity, Compliance, Dependability, and Continuous Education.



The PAA team has diverse technical skills from experiences with fortune 50 and 100 companies as well as academia. Team members remain actively involved in novel research utilizing state of the art instrumentation that may not be available in most developing countries.  PAA team members are also active in different scientific bodies.


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