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Human Food Ingredients and Animal Feeds

Underdeveloped and developing nations face a dual problem:  (i) Consumption of food ingredients contaminated with toxins continues to claim lives daily; and (ii) The majority of animals used in dairy production in Africa are  malnourished.   

PAA evaluates this situation holistically via comprehensive review of the actual properties of soils, analyses of staple crops such as corn, millet, peanuts and soybeans.  Further, animal feeds are comprehensively analyzed for essential ingredients such as protein, fiber, moisture and total fats.  

Lastly, PAA offers expertise to design, develop, build, and manage a productive ranch and farm infrastructure that allows for the proper raising of crops and livestock to ensure the proper dissemination of products to become a regular part of healthy nourishment for both people and animals.

Food Storage and Processing

Proper food storage and minimizing waste during the processing cycle to bring crops to market is a major and costly problem for both local and urban famers in most African countries.  PAA offers experience to guide farmers in the proper methods for short to long term storage of products as needed combining technology, education and training to establish schedules and workflows for sustainability.


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