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General Analytical Method Development

 Team PAA will work closely with different entities in general analytical method development using basic and state of the art instrumentation.

Water Analysis

Water in the main component of human diet. identification of potential deadly components of water is a specialty area of team PAA.

Food and Non-Food Contact Products

The quality of paper and plastic products used as food contacts is critical to healthy human lives. PAA are experts in testing these products for both quality and possible contaminants.

Laboratory Design, Chemicals, Instrumentation and General Supplies

PAA can design and setup a new laboratory with the state of the art instrumentation and equipment that will meet safety standards required by the U.S. Occupational Safety Hazard Administration (OSHA). We specialize in laboratory inspection, identification of faults as well as making recommendations to address noted problems.

Environmental Pollution and Hazardous Waste

The issue of environmental pollution has been and is still a major concern worldwide. If mandated, PAA will work with the appropriate government agency to ascertain the major areas of concern under its jurisdiction. For instance, in 2006 a current member of PAA partnered with the German Environmental Protection Agency to discuss the accuracy of the technology to be used to monitor toxic gases during the World cup soccer tournament.

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